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During what will be some of the most exciting and precious moments of your life, much of your attention will be focused on planning the perfect starting point to your marriage—your wedding and vows. However, this attention to the wedding can take your attention away from the focus on each other, and on working towards the type of marriage you want. We want to offer a space to focus on just that, even amidst the chaos of wedding planning.

Strong Foundations

We have decided to invest in our clients and community by offering  marriage workshops at The Hilltop. We hope that through our workshops couples will gain valuable insight, tools, and resources to enhance their relationship and create a strong foundation.

What to expect...

Each gathering may differ slightly - but you can guarantee good fun and sound marriage advice. (And good food, we can't forget the food!)

Led by a speaker, we will cover topics like communication style, attachment patterns, navigating conflict and exploring love languages.
At the end of the day you will leave with a workbook and what we hope is a stronger foundation.

Not only do we provide these workshops at NO COST to our confirmed wedding clients, but as a token of our admiration for your commitment to growth, we also provide a generous discount off your total wedding/reception cost when you attend AND complete your workbook.


We believe that investing in the wellbeing of our couples is an investment in love and community.


Do we have to be a Hilltop couple to attend?

You don't have to be a confirmed client to attend, it is our hope that all couples regardless of where they are in this journey, commit to growth within their marriage. So whether you are newly engaged or you have been married for years, you are welcome with open arms. 

Click below to join the waitlist for our next workshop.

"I alone can't change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."

-Mother Teresa


It is so encouraging to be reminded that even a small act can create a multitude of change that we ourselves may not see the fruit of. We believe this at our core and knew immediately when we started this we wanted to do more than "just weddings." We wish to come alongside our clients and encourage them to build a strong foundation for their marriage, we believe it is essential for a successful marriage and that a successful marriage is the foundation of happy, healthy families. We hope those families will be our "many ripples."

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