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What is the MAX guest count?

Our venue is an intimate space, we are able to accommodate up to 125 guests. 

Is my date available?

At this time we don't have our event calendar online, please call or send us an email, we will gladly let you know if your preferred date is available.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do! When you book with us, we set you up on a custom payment plan, simply take your total, less the deposit (due at contract signing) and divide it into equal monthly payments until your wedding date. Easy as pie!

When can I see the property?

As much as we love ya, you can't just swing by. You can schedule a tour for any of our available time slots or give us a call/text if you're in the area and we can try to accommodate you. The Sunset Tour is our favorite!

Do you have a vendor policy?

We prefer to let you choose who you include in your wedding. It helps you customize your big day (and stay in budget.) We do have a few vendors we absolutely LOVE. You can find more about our policy here.

How much does it cost?

We don't believe in a 1 size fits all approach to wedding packages and we know that everyone has a different budget. That's why we try to have something for everyone. No matter your budget, you CAN get married at The Hilltop! Don't believe it? View our packages here. 

Where will our guests stay?

We are less than a mile off the interstate and less than 10 miles from a recently remodeled Holiday Inn Express. We love staying at IHG properties when we travel and know your guests will LOVE the complimentary breakfast. There are several other options within a 20 mile radius.

What linens do you provide?

Linens are covered in all of our packages, just another way we help you save money. We provide table linens for all gift tables and seated tables, but we go a step further by providing linen napkins as well. We love how they dress up a table and know that even a small simple touch can add beauty to your big day! You can view our color options at your tour.

Is The Hilltop pet friendly?

We want everyone who means something to you to be there for your big day, whether they have 2 legs or 4. We approve these requests on an individual basis.

Do you host other events?

We do host events from time to time, the best place to see upcoming events is our facebook page.

Can we do engagement photos here?

Engagement sessions may be done on property at no charge  once you are a  confirmed client. You will need to reserve a time and date for the session with management so that it does not interfere with other events on property. The Hilltop reserves the right to obtain and use photographs for promotional purposes.


What if it rains?

 A knot that becomes wet is extremely difficult to untie, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly just as strong. So embrace the rain on your wedding day from our beautiful sun room. If you're lucky you might get a Hilltop rainbow!

How else can I save money?

 We offer a tiered discount to clients that attend our Strong Foundations workshop. As a confirmed client your tickets are provided at NO COST and we even provide the food. It's a win-win. Just attend and complete your workbook to receive your discount. Find out more about our Strong Foundations workshop here.

What about my left over catering?

Weddings are a celebration where food plays a central role in bringing people together. You are of course welcome to take home your left over catering, but the unfortunate reality is that excess food often goes to waste after these special occasions. We have forged partnerships with organizations that are dedicated to fighting local food insecurity to make it easy for you if you choose to donate your leftovers. By redirecting leftover catering, we are able to provide nourishment and sustenance to those who would otherwise struggle to access a regular meal. 

And my florals?

After the festivities end, gorgeous blooms often go to waste, instead of allowing these precious flowers to fade away, we are happy to collect and carefully arrange them into beautiful bouquets, repurposing them to create moments of delight for the residents of local long-term care facilities. By partnering together and repurposing the leftover florals from weddings, we transform what would have been wasted beauty into a source of comfort and happiness for those who need it most. 


Have a question we didn't cover?

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