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Say, "I do."

Did you know The Hilltop property used to be home to a team of Award Winning Clydesdales?

As you pull through the gate and up the charming tree lined drive you will pass the old birthing barn and farm hand quarters before arriving at the venue. From there you have a picturesque view of Missouri countryside and what used to be the teams arena. If you are lucky enough to be on The Hilltop at sunset, you can see it all draped in gorgeous reds as the sky reflects off the pond. It truly is a magical sight.


We love when the sky decides to show off while you are here. Sharing this space with others is all part of the dream!


We believe weddings should be affordable and the best place to invest is your marriage.


Start getting ready as early as 7am for no extra fee.


Rain or shine, we have you covered with beautiful spaces to say, "I do."

Creamy Pastries

Choose your own, but we have a few we know you will love!


Eat, Drink and Be Married under our romantic twinkle lights.


Make the space your own while saving time and money by borrowing our staple pieces.

Want to save money and invest in your marriage?

Learn about our Strong Foundations marriage workshop and how attending can save you money on your total package.

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