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Our Story

We are Curtis and Terrica Jones, your hosts and the owners of The Hilltop. We have two daughters and a cat named Beatles. Curt works for a bulk material handling company (and mows, so much mowing) and Terrica homeschools the kids. We never would have thought this was what God would have for us, "Wedding Venue Owners.." but here we are.

You could say we have been chasing sunsets together for the last 14 years. 

The chase began on the back of a motorcycle (Curt is a lover of anything fast) that is how we found the spot that would later be known as the place she said "Yes!" (And where the most magical first kiss DIDN'T happen - you'll have to ask Terrica about that.)


After the first year or so of marriage, those sunsets were often caught from airplane windows as Curt began to travel for work. Always a reminder that wherever we were, however far apart, we were under the same sky.

As the kids got older, we spent time on the lake and one night, while watching the sunset as the kids swam, we decided to buy a house on the lake. 


We moved to Lake Winnebago and Curt was still traveling for work. We were still catching a lot of sunsets from the sky, but we were also getting some great ones at home from the boat..

In the fall of 2022, Curt took a promotion and was able to trade his window seat for a seat on the deck at home and we quickly knew we wanted more land. 

When we drove up the hill we were in love with the view, but when we went to leave and saw the sunset, we knew it was the one.  

We took possession in May and it has been a whirlwind ever since. We are learning ALL. THE. THINGS. And God has put it on our heart to share this place with as many people as possible. 


We know first hand how to survive some of the stressors of marriage (Hello long distance..) and hope to support you not just on your wedding day, but also in building a strong foundation for your marriage.


We can't wait to meet you!

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